Valentina Vetturi


Valentina Vetturi is a visual and performance artist and researcher born in 1979 in the south of Italy.

Her artistic practice interweaves writing performance and memory beyond the private sphere and seeking unexpected visual possibilities. She looks at writing as an extensive practice that concerns words as well as sounds in a sculptural dimension. Her text and sound based performance and installations depict a crowd of characters -hackers, ghostwriters, Alzheimer patients, orchestra conductors, chess players, commuters among others- whose actions and lives inhabit the boundaries between presence and absence, visibility and invisibility.

Vetturi’s most recent solo shows and group exhibitions include: “Illuminate”, Zug, Switzerland; Noorlandsoperan, Umeå, Sweden (2018); ALL’APERTO, Fondazione Zegna, Turin, Italy (2017); Quadriennale 16, Rome, Italy; Strauhof, Zurich, Switzerland; .Point Perf, Geneva, Switzerland (2016); MACRO Museum, Rome, Italy (2015); MAXXI Museum, Rome, Italy; Kunsthalle Göppingen, Germany;, Bucharest, Romania (2014); Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Rome (2013); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy; Viafarini, Milan, Italy (2012).

Valentina Vetturi is currently working on the production of: 
- Alzheimer Café III an installation dedicated to the relationship between sound and memory presented in a public square in Umeå 
- I Never Think of The Future. It Comes Soon Enough, a performance part of the cycle dedicated to the hacker culture and the implications of the cyberspace.

Valentina’s personal and professional path has been shaped by a transdisciplinary approach and by unexpected encounters. She made classical studies followed by a Degree in Law, a Master in Landscape Art and Architecture and she is currently enrolled in a Master of Science in Digital Currencies.

In The Corridor of Cyberspace

Artist book: typographic print, handwritten interventions (50 x 70 cm)
Year: 2018
edition: 1/1 of a series started in 2016

In the Corridor of Cyberspace opens the cycle of works dedicated hacker culture and the realities and socio-political logics of the web and the new technologies that emerge from it.

In the Corridor of Cyberspace is a subjective travel trough one of the meaningful places of debate and encounter of this world. Between 1992 and 2000 ca. a group of scientists, activists, and libertarians, joined “The Cypherpunk Mailing list” to discuss privacy, cryptography, anonymity and digital money. Jude Milhon, one of the female founders of the group, proposed the name. Among them also: co-founders and authors of the various manifestos Tim May and Eric Hughes, Julian Assange founder of Wikileaks, Philip Zimmerman the inventor of PGP (pretty good privacy). Through political, technical, philosophical and mathematical discussions crypto anarchy culture emerged.

In the Corridor of Cyberspace explores the framework of hacker culture through an artist book, a journey inside this endless forum, and a series of talks/public readings.

In The Corridor of Cyberspace was first presented in the frame of the exibithion “Anarchie! Fakten und Fiktionen” at Strauhof, Zurich, in 2016. The exhibition was combined with a catalogue curated and published by Strauhof ( During the exhibition the artist invited two guest to dialogue around the relevance today of the topics discussed in the mailing list.
The first invitee was the economist and journalist Hannes Grassegger who presented for the first time his essay "Nullzins" a preview of his book «100 Jahre Krieg», realized in collaboration with Metahaven (
The second invitee was Alexis Roussel, cofounder of, one the first crypto-currencies broker in Switzerland, and past president of the Swiss Pirate Parrty. Roussel presented his views on the digital revolution and how digital human rights need to be approached to enable a human-centric future (

"Hats that Hath No Name: Valentina Vetturi and her reflections on the hacker world" by Laura Estrada Prada on roots§routes Anno VII, n.26 settembre–dicembre 2017 (

“Faits historiques, textes et figures de romans, positions actuelles” by Sandrine Charlot Zinsli (


Thanks to: the members of the cypherpunk mailing list, tshabs and all the hackers and thinkers who shared their knowledge and stories.  As well as Annette Amberg, Alan Bogana, Pia Livia Di Tardo, Vladimir Moshnyager and Embassy of Foreign Artist

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