Szilárd Miklós


Szilárd Miklós (Miercurea Ciuc, 1981) has studied graphics at the University of Art and Design, Cluj (2000-2004). Currently he is a doctoral candidate at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, with a research topic on the institutionalisation of contemporary art in Romania during the 1990s, focusing on the vawe of performance art festivals from this period and their continuity through archives. In his latest projects he has been researching authors, whose careers have been intersected by the „zero point of history”. These include the documentary filmmaker Stefan Fischer, discussed in a project titled Fischer Block and presented in the frame of Future of Memory at Tranzit House, Cluj (2017), and the avant-garde artist Hans Mattis-Teutsch, presented in the frame of Off Biennale, Budapest (2017), and Art Encounters, Timisoara (2017). Szilárd participated in running various non-profit institutions and projects in Cluj, including the People’s School of Contemporary Art (2009-2011) by Protokoll-Project Association ( He collaborated regularly with Tranzit House (2004-), where he initiated a collaborative studio program called conset ( He has orchestrated various public space interventions, and took part in group and personal exhibitions. He has been assistant lecturer at the Fine Arts Department of PKE University, Oradea (2005-2007), and currently works as assistant at the University of Art in Targu Mures.

Wearable Sound

2004, 2012
Two video recordings of performances

The wearable sound costume was built in 2004. It is a rudimentary motion capture device, with its own software and 6 channel audio player. It is like a sound instrument that can be ‘tuned’. One recording is from 2004, in Cluj, at Tranzit House - "washing the floor of tranzit house", and another one is the recording of the following verse by Endre Ady: “Work, our victorious plan runs across our happy bodies.” 

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