Martin Piaček


Martin Piaček (b. 1972)

He works at VŠVU Bratislava as a lecturer at the Statue-Object-installation Department.

In addition to his own artwork in the field of sculpture and video, he is also involved in organizing exhibitions, symposia and international projects. He is a founding member of the civic association Public Pedestal (, the KUBA platform ( and the exhibition format DiStO ( 

Recent exhibitions include:

Solo Exhibitions:

2017 — Warm Sound, Faint Earth (with András Cséfalvay) MMS SNM, Bratislava (SK)
2015 — Beware! (with F. Bohunický), City Surfers Office Praha (CZ)
2014 — Václav Havel/Washing Out, Artwall Gallery Praha (CZ)

Group Exhibitions:

2017 — Collective Collection,, Bratislava (SK)
              Working exhibition, Nová synagóga, Žilina (SK)
              DISTO, A4 Bratislava (SK)
              Universal Hospitality, Futura Praha, Meet Factory Praha (CZ)

2016 — Like home, Kunsthalle Bratislava (SK)
              Fear from Unknown, NTK Praha (CZ)
              Universal Hospitality, Viedeň (AT)

2015 — Private Nationalism,  Budapest Gallery & Kiscelli Museum Budapest (HU)
              Mindsets, Studio Gallery Budapest (HU)
              3 versions, Krokus Gallery Bratislava (SK)
              Recollection, OFF Bienalle Budapest (HU)
              Fem(inist) Fatalle, Kunsthalle Bratislava (SK)

Great Grandfather´s War

bronze memorable plate, sand, glass and revolving steel frame
28 x 22 x 8 cm

Object containing an authentic memorial relief of my great grandfather from WW1. (VII.KORPS, 1915-1918). Personal history is lost in oblivion and reveals to us only partially.



Collective Collection, Tranzit Bratislava, 2017

Recollection, OFF Bienalle Budapest, 2015


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