Jozef Mrva jr.


Jozef Mrva jr.

I am a visual artist and curator, working mostly in field of 3D animation and digital media and
drawing. I am interested in topology, space as a mathematical abstraction and how these
abstractions shape and are shaped by our society and politics. I am also curator of Gallery 209,
located on Faculty of Fine Arts at Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic, where I am
also doing my Ph.D.

Selected solo exhibitions:
2017 - Knot Capital II, Prostor Ideál, Prague
2017 - Knot Island, JEDNA DVA TŘI Gallery, Prague
2017 - Dark Ontologies Matter, Berlínskej Model, Prague
2016 - Body Armor, Galerie U Mloka, Olomouc – Featured as a part of PAF – The Festival of
Film and Animation Olomouc 2016
2016 - Close Encounter, with Jakub Tajovský, Galerie mladých, TIC, Brno
2016 - Curiosity, Klubovna gallery, Brno
2015 - Death of a Modernist, Buňka gallery, Ústí nad Labem
2014 - The Black Box, gallery Art, Brno
2013 - Sleeper Cell, Gallery 209, Brno

Death of a Modernist II

Videoloop, 3 min.

The video features a knotted glass tube with rotating tape in it, with "Plane of modernism" and "Plane of terrorism" inscribed on opposite sides. Modernity and Terrorism are thus locked in an constant repetition and are literally the sides of one coin, convoluted and twisted into itself and on itself. The tube itself is located atop of a martian landscape, with gigantic Sun reflected in the glass, scorching its surface and washing it in hellish orange.

Exhibited in Cursor Gallery in exhibition: Conditions of Impossibility VI/VII: Technical Detail, curated by Václav Magid

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