Inga Chuprova


Inga Chuprova (Inga Ch.), was born in 1993, and grew up in Murmansk. She finished her MA in the graphic design studio Text Forma Funkce of Ostrava University's Faculty of the Arts, Czech Republic. Inga is now working and living in Prague.

Inga's work is a hybrid between graphic design, Internet art and video art, often using poetry, texts, and personal vocabularies and systems of signification. She is interested in art and creativity as tools for information and education, as well as in the intersections between art and engineering. Recurrent themes in her works are the transformation of reality and postreality; the relationship between original, fake and individuality; and the connections between structures, details and versatility.  

Konstantin Cat-Snake Summertime Sadness

Gift for Collection Collective
Tempera painting on glass and latex,  36x68 cm

Extract from a conversation with Judit Angel, Raluca Voinea and Vlad Morariu, June, 2018

"I have made this new work as I was reflecting on my current sense of the world. And I had a feeling. I could't get rid of it. The feeling that soon enough or even, perhaps, already, our whole world is in pain. But, actually, how does one feel and perceive a world? I decided to paint the portrait of someone whom I love very much, and i'm giving it to you. With best wishes I.Ch."

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