Igor & Ivan Buharov


Kornél Szilágyi – Igor Buharov (b. 1971) and Nándor Hevesi – Ivan Buharov (b. 1974)

We have been working together with Nándor Hevesi for more than twenty one years. We have made several experimental films and composed some experimental music under the pseudonym of Igor and Ivan Buharov. We also started the 40 Labor Group in 1995. Other members of the group are Vasile Croat and István Nyolczas. We held surrealistic audiovisual performances where the image, the music and the words became an organic whole after chaos.

We usually use super 8 technique when making our feature films. In the beginning we used expired raw material exploiting the organizing element of the unintentional. We also compose the pieces of experimental music that accompany our films.

We founded the Kaos Camping Group with László Csáki, József Szolnoki and Csaba Vándor in 2000. We use 8- and 16-millimeter projectors to project images while a band or a Dj playing music. So far we have had about 50 shows in several places in Hungary as well as in Europe.

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Inarut Prophecy

Mixed media video installation, cupboard 70X70X50, video projection 2 minutes long in loop, LED projector, headphone
7+3 copies

Inarut prophecy, 2015 uses raw material from the production of “Most of the souls that live here" (2016) film.

It was presented at:

acb Gallery Budapest- Igor & Ivan Buharov: EVERYTHING INCLUDED solo exhibition, 2014
Magma Gallery, Sf. Gheorghe - Igor & Ivan Buharov, László Horváth: Dreamhunting, 2015
Zönoteka Gallery, Berlin -  Igor & Ivan Buharov: Infectious Courage, solo exhibition, 2017
Steirischer Herbst Graz -  Igor & Ivan Buharov: Eternal Intensionfield Tuning, solo exhibition, 2018

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