Decebal Scriba


Decebal Scriba’s activity in the 1970s, which was overlooked following his emigration to France in 1989, has been recently subjected to a vast process of revisiting (and implicitly, of being placed in a historical context) […]. The extensive recapitulation of these projects and experiments highlights today a strong conceptual interest which is, I dare say, even singular in the Romanian art of that decade. The coordinates of those works open up many levels, including, on the one hand, that of the analysis of the systems of representation and production and reproduction of space, alongside that of the conceptualization of the (visual, mathematical and textual) signification systems and, on the other hand, at the level of a private, interiorized and nearly existential assumption of the artistic act. The latter always takes place at the unstable border between the inside and the outside, which it transgresses and at the same time suspends, installing the temporary separation between the autonomous space of the self, understood as a filtered  interiorizing of the existing symbolic regime, and the public one, specific of the conventional, impersonal and normative codification. this intimate process of reflection on the language and artistic process becomes the catalyst for the visual notes, codified according to a personal, sometimes linguistic, other times mathematical algorithm, which are more often than not enigmatic or abbreviated, and exposed to the public.

(Excerpt from Cristian Nae /A Field of Possibilities – Decebal Scriba and The Semiotics of Appearance published inRevista Arta #21-22/ 2016, Bucharest, Romania)

Selected Solo Shows

Passages, Anne-Sarah Bénichou, Paris, France

Memory Clouds, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Separating Systems, Calina Gallery, Romania

In-Side/Out-Side, Victoria Art Center, Bucharest, Romania

Selected Group Shows

2019    Because in our dreams we took risks, Art Encounters Foundation, Timisoara

2019    Displacement And Togetherness, CC Strombeek in the Framework of Europalia

2019    Présence, Anne-Sarah Bénichou, Paris, France

2019    This Part That Seemingly Needs To Be Extruded Through A Place In My Body, Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest

2019    What ties us together, BF15 Gallery, Lyon
2019    The Infinite Convergence, Anca Poterasu Gallery, Bucharest

La Brique, the Brick, Cărămida,La Kunsthalle Mulhouse

Ex-east Des histoires passées et récentes des avant-gardes roumaines , Paris, France

Art Encounters Timișoara Art Biennial: Life A User’s Manual, Timișoara, Romania

Beyond the Concept Frontier, collateral event to Art Encounters Timisoara Art Biennial: Life A User’s Manual, The “Ion Mincu” Technical College Cafeteria, Timisoara, Romania

Situations and Concepts, Salonul de Proiecte, Bucharest, Romania

house pARTy,, Bucharest, Romania

The Poetics of Politics, Propaganda Gallery, Warsow, Poland

When History Comes Knocking: Romanian Art from the 80s and 90s in Close Up, Plan B Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Experiment in Romanian Art Since 1960, National Theatre, Bucharest

Spațiu-Oglindă [Space-Mirror], The Institute of Architecture, Bucharest, Romania

Objeto de Interferencia, São Paulo, Brasil [mail art]

Messagio Terra, Milano, Italy [mail art]

Spațiu-Obiect [Space-Object], The Institute of Architecture, Bucharest, Romania

Photography and experimental film,House of Art, Bucharest, Romania

Situation and concept, Atelier35, Bucharest, Romania


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Marea II, proiect, 1978 and Marea III, proiect, 1978 [The Sea II, project, 1978 and The Sea III, project, 1978]

B/w vintage silver gelatin prints with gouache interventions, each 14 x 21 cm, framed 45,5 x 35 cm

Initially part of a triptic, Marea I, II, III, with Marea I now lost.

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