Claudiu Cobilanschi


Claudiu Cobilanschi works at the boundary between art and the press, using, as a journalist, various media of expression applied to the unfolding and debate of socio-political themes, and is interested, as an artist, in the analysis and aesthetics of the influences of those themes. He approached favorite topics, like thinking stereotypes, mass media and ego-casting, immigration and poverty, a.s.o., by using techniques and methods such as photography & performance, super-8 cine-experiments, guerilla publishing & poster bombing. He has collaborated with institutions from Romania and abroad, like ParadisGaraj Bucharest, Kunsthalle Winterthur, Salonul de Proiecte Bucharest, Depo Instanbul, Rotwand Gallery,, GallleriaPiu Bologna, IG Bildende Kunst Vienna,, Tranzit, Romanian Cultural Institute, MotorenHalle Dresden, Prototyp Prague, a.s.o.

polimorphous screen, code, website partially undertakes to document contemporary phenomena and situations through recording, archiving and publishing of a series of image sequences and topics that are post-synonimous to those of the “cine-cronica” department of the now inoperative “Alexandru Sahia” Film Studio (Studioul Cinematografic “Alexandru Sahia”). This department used to attend to an essential role in the ecology of the studio by being the depositary of sequences shot either directly for its destination (programmed documentation used by the state propaganda), either as a compromise solution for certain filmed materials that could temporarily no longer be fitin the official press of the time.In 2018, takes on part of the position of that invisible department and freely makes available contemporary imagery and topics less appealing for the media of the time. It starts the camera and retains excerpts of the everyday essay on film, carrying out almost rhythmically the unique initiative of preserving future social metaphors. In its endeavour, produces renderings of the Romanian media and artistic scenery by mentioning certain topics that are sensitive within the public agenda. It uses raw aesthetics, it eliminates the autocratic character of editing, it validates through the analog chemical process of film, and it offers free access. (

The work is in permanent and polimorphous display at:

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