Andrei Gavril


Andrei Gavril, based in Iasi, Romania is accounting expert, member of CECCAR since 2006. CECCAR is an autonomous professional association of public utility counting nearly 40000 members. His first contact with the NGOs was the founding in 1999 of a Sports Club, followed from 2003 by the collaboration with different social NGOs (professional training for adults, preventing school abandon, children’s rights) or cultural ones (Vector, Center for Contemporary Photography, 1+1). He has collaborated with since its founding in 2012. In all these years he has grown a constant interest for contemporary art, cultivated through the projects of the organisations he works with and also through visits to both local and international exhibitions and to museums.

Recently he has also been part of a cooperative of beekeepers, which has tried to work with aims such as better use of apiculture produce, counselling and support for acquisition of equipment, facilitating access to updated information, organizing events, workshops, fairs.