András Cséfalvay


András Cséfalvay is a visual artist and filmmaker born in Bratislava, after studies of painting and briefly mathematics he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the usefulness of fictitious worlds. He works with video, animation and sound to create new worlds that give the possibility to inspect known notions from an unexpected angle of approach. Dinosaurs, ghosts, stones speak to clarify new perspectives on what is nationalism, culture, human access and knowledge. His latest works explore the usefulness of thinking the natural sciences as fiction.  

Unknown Asteroid

video, 4 minutes and 19 seconds

The video is a monologue of an asteroid, which is approaching earth in order to destroy humanity. The asteroid itself is not controlling its own path, but the trajectory is chosen by others, the asteroid elaborates about the End that is, however inevitable, premeditated, and brought about by human action. Ultimately the cause is competition and the inability for unification.

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